Isuzu NPR HD Truck Camper Build


Vic, The snow may be cold but the air temps are in the mid 70's I was wrong about the road to Artists Point, it looks like it won't be open until August.

Crews were working on clearing the snow-laden Artist Point upper parking lot Friday, July 13


Vic! I wish I knew you were in Santa Barbara - I just passed through on Friday going north. Anyways, I'd love to meet up for a meal in October when you're back down in LA.
I was just passing through going north as well, just got to Portland OR today! Have been having a good time hiking and enjoying the beautiful sights!


Hey Vic, I've loved reading this thread. What a great project, I'd love to do this someday. Let me know if you ever come through Medford, OR on I-5, I'd really like to see this.
I just got to Portland area today, I came up from Eureka, into the Marble Mountain Wilderness and then through Cave Junction and Selma to Grants Pass, so I missed Medford, sorry. I should be going through there on the way back south though, about the middle of August.



Its been about two years since the last update, do you still have the camper and if so, are you still traveling in it around North America?


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Hi John,
You mentioned that the MadAss 125 or the TW 200 would be ideal expedition rig 'tenders' and I agree. Has anyone come up with a good way to mount/carry those on the US version of the Global Warrior? Thanks, Dean
Hi Dean. How are you mate?

Not wanting to take this thread too far off track. The short answer is No. There is no good way. Mounting something light such as a Madass or CT110 might be OK on the front bar....just......or give up the passthrough and rack any size bike between the cab and body. Both are a compromise.

I know Jeffery loves his scooters even more than I do...why I made the comment #170.

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Its been about two years since the last update, do you still have the camper and if so, are you still traveling in it around North America?
Sorry, I haven't been on here much in the past two years, been having too much fun traveling - and hiking, biking, and climbing mountains! I just got back to Bend, OR this afternoon, after climbing Mt. Rainier yesterday. It was a great climb, but was very tired! Went with a friend from here, we also climbed Mt. Hood 2 weeks ago, and Mt. Thielsen just before that. Since sometime in April I have been following the Pacific Crest Trail north, making root beer floats for the hikers as they go from Mexico to Canada. I have been meeting them at various places where the trail crosses a road, most recently for a week at McKenzie Pass west of here. Tomorrow I plan to go up to near Mt. Hood to make floats for awhile, and then go on to Cascade Locks, before continuing on to Washington. It has been a fun summer doing that, mixed with hiking and climbing. I want to do some more climbing in Washington, Mts. Adams, St. Helens and Baker are on my "to climb list". My plan is to be back down in L.A. about the end of October. Last summer I went to Minnesota for a family reunion and then after about 2 months there on to the East Coast. I followed the AT south, doing days hikes, visiting friends, and down to Florida, doing the same there on the Florida Trail, as well as spending a month back in Peru. After the New Year I headed west, getting to California in March. I'm still enjoying living on the road, has been over 4 years now and I have no intentions of settling down in one location until I can't travel anymore, or stop enjoying it.

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What are the interior dimensions of the garage? Would you change those dimensions if you built it again?
Sorry I didn't reply, haven't been on here for years. I think the gararge is about 4' high and 4' deep. Has worked out well, just have too much junk in there so takes time to get the motorcycle out!