Is KTM a good place to start


I know this thread is a bit stale, but it seems very relevant and is a common question.

First, as mentioned, KTMs are for folks SERIOUSLY into bikes. That means, it takes precedence over all your other "expedition" machines. If you fall for them, you fall HARD- and all the other junk is just in support of the addiction.

The bike for the OP in my opinion? The WR without question whatsoever. It is a relatively proper dirt bike that is fully street legal, takes as much maintenance as a rock, and will do both freeway and single track pretty darn well. The DRZ is a cockroach, but only has 5 gears and is a bit buzzy for me and those that I've ridden feel pretty heavy. All the rest are either too much bike or money for what the OP is looking for.

Here in Kalifornistan, the only way to truly enjoy a bike is to have a plate, no questions asked. I've lived on bikes for many years (before the family) and have done GSs, KLRs, WRs, and now Orange machines. I did 1400 miles in 10 days with all but a few hundred off road solely on a WR, and I've circumnavigated the US on a GS. I've kinda had a lot of fun on all varieties. I still have a GSA and a 450EXC, and I find myself on the Orange machine more often than not these days and take it on a hitch carrier or the camper and love the performance on the trail, and the comfort going home.

Anyway I'm rambling while barely paying attention on a conference call, but to answer the original question succinctly, if you want to do nothing but ride bikes and do all that is needed to support that effort, get an Orange bike. If it is just an additional toy to do some simple exploring while out and about, just get a hammer- i.e. a WR. If you want a dirt cheap machine, get a CR230L or whatever, but is light years away in tech from the WR.