Iris Weathertight storage containers


Anyone use these containters before? If so, how have they held up? I picked up several of these brand new at a local consignment store for $15 each. I plan on using these and replace my storage containers from home depot (yellow tops). The ones from Iris are locable and watertight. I should be able to store these on top of the shell (if necessary) with out it being too heavy and cumbersome when trying to move it around.

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I was tempted to grab a couple of these last year, but the 30"L killed it for me to be able to fit one in the back of my FJC with the back seat up -
The plastic seems like it might be more prone to cracking if it took a hard hit versus the thinner bodies of Rubbermaid's ActionPackers that tend instead to stretch and finally tear when it gets punctured.
However, with pretty decent locking latches and the foam gasket I'd say these are a nice alternative to the ActionPacker that has no seal at all.
I'd say use 'em, beat on 'em, and come back and tell us what you think. Then you'll be our resident SME (Subject Matter Expert) on IRIS containers. :sombrero:


I'll ditto Swatawi above, the only reason I didn't buy a set is that they didn't fit in the back of my FJC.
I did buy the brother set that has the non-sealed lid and a little extra box inside the lid. I used them two or three camping trips and they held up with no issues.
I liked the verticle sides, but was a little nervous of the plastic cracking as mentioned above.
I bought four Pelican cases that I now use, and the IRIS containers are used in the garage.
You can also purchase them at Office Depot.


Thanks for the info! I'll see if I can put them through the test soon to see how well they hold up and report back.


They've held up great so far full of junk in my garage, no issues at all and they've been kicked around too.


I bought one of these at Sportsman's Warehouse/Casper several years ago, and another at Cabela's in Grand Junction two years ago. Certainly not as HD as a Hardigg case, but mine have served me very well, and live under the bed platform in my camper. One holds "dirty" stuff, including spare truck parts/filters/etc, the other keeps "house" stuff out of the way. Waaay better than Action packers (I still use 3 in the bed platform), and much more dust free. Iris, the company that makes them, also made a small locking container about 16X16X16 that I used for hauling lubricants, funnels, Super Siphon and the like. Wish I could find another-broke it.

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