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Anyone use their iPhones or iPads to capture video content AND edit in iMovie on the iPhone or iPad?

Note: I would ask about Android solutions but I don’t have access to that platform.


I would ask what model iPhone and iPad you are using? Older models may struggle but newer models can produce video content just fine as well as editing. I have an iPhone X and iPad Pro and I can do just about anything on them. The only limitation is how much storage you have on the phone to hold big video files. Checkout this video Jonathon made editing a 4K video on iPad Pro. Of course, this is the newest model that can run up to $1899. I made plenty of smaller videos on my iPhone but never tried anything longer than let's say 5 minutes.



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In the competitive club volleyball world, a LOT of parents use iPads to capture and then refine down to short 2 to 3 minute YouTube videos to showcase their Girls to prospective colleges. It’s the new norm, and it works very well.

I personally use footage from a GoPro (baseline viewpoint) and iPhone (sideline viewpoint), combined and then edited on an iPad because truly, it’s easier on the iPad than the full Mac version of iMovie


I’ve been using iMovie on my iPhone 8 doing trailers. I’ve played with the movie option but I really like the built in titles and storyboard of trailers.

I’ve used Moment, FilmoraGo, Splice, and Videoleap and one or two others I can’t bother to remember. Yet none of them have the intro, outro, or titles for MY needs.

So for now, it looks like I’ll stick with iMovie in my phone and hope Santa brings an iPad Pro in a few days.


Totally forgot about this thread... DOH!

After a little more playing, I ended up buying an iPad Pro 11”. I use my iPhone 8 for footage using the native video app or Filmic Pro, moment lenses, and Luma Fusion to edit.

I do also use iMovie for “trailer” style videos because there still isn’t anything as easy to create a quick fun video than iMovie (w/built in music and titles).


I've been trying out FilmiC Pro. I like it for the most part, but it is harder to use than the iPhone native camera app which makes it less convenient. Not sure if I am going to continue using it other than for slow motion where I can set higher frame rates.


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Surprised there aren't case mfg's that make a case with a pop out lens hood to help with lens flare. While my X has been a trooper in its Mous case, I'm ready for the 12!

Good vid and info 4X