Inverter Replacement in my 1994 Northern Lites Camper


Progressive Dynamics Converter 4600 series 35 amp to replace the original inverter which was 20 amps, plus this one will allow us to still use our small 1000 watt Yamaha generator. Removing the old and replacing the new was a no brainer PLUS a new DC fuse board which I also installed as it has all the upgrades to tell what charging phase you are in. I should of done this at the get go but I'm a procrastinator now and then and this was one of those times. Excellent little unit.:wings:


Tail-End Charlie
So, are you happy with the converter? WHat was the one you took out? Thanks!
The original was likely an old Magnetek. They don't have a good rep at all - which is why there is a market for upgrade kits to replace the converter section of Magnetek power distribution panels with a proper multi-stage charger.

Nice job sisu! Where's the pics? :D