Introducing the “NEW” Alu-Cab Canopy Camper


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digging the Canopy Camper on my Taco!

still deciding what to do with the bed. I had ideas but they changed after the last trip down to WV. I really liked keeping my mountain bike securely inside (29er). it was safely out of sight and didn’t have to put my hitch carrier on and decrease departure angle. leaning towards keeping some flex space on one side for a bike, dog bed, beer hauling cooler, etc. the other side will probably get some Goose Gear storage (been very happy with my JKUR GG setup).

in the meantime decided to rework the door and swap the zip pouches for MOLLE panels. this gives me greater flexibility to change up me loadout depending on the trip.

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Nice looking set up, I like the system on your back door, I have not seen this before. Is is a commercially available?

Clinton Morse

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Been meaning to post some better pics, but here's a quick shot of the current layout. Nothing fancy, but working well for my purposes - basically non-overlanding camping use and as a base camp for trail running & orienteering adventures. Also 3 business trips to the DC area on the cheap...

Dometic 40 fridge (readily accessible from drivers side or interior) Held in place with inexpensive load bar. There is a narrow milk crate between fridge and front of truck which keep vents clear and fridge out from under the camper overhang.

GZ 1400 battery w/ 100w panel on roof. As long as I don't park indoors (ie parking garage at work), solar pretty much keeps battery topped up with normal use. Prior to wiring the solar panels, the battery ran the fridge & lights for 4.5 days during a DC heatwave when I was down there on work earlier this summer.

Couch w/ milk crate storage using smaller camper pad. The couch also sits crosswise just in front of the load bar as well, but I prefer this orientation as I can put my running gear there and access it all easily from drivers side of truck.

Up top I have an Exped Megamat Duo w/ Nemo Symphony Duo mated sleeping bag.

FS - I am not using the stock mattress pad that comes with the rooftop tent. Its just sitting in the garage. If anyone in southern New England is interested, PM me, I'd rather see it go to a good use and will let it go cheap...