Introducing myself: Hi from Cape Town South Africa


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As we say in SA: "Howzit".

I live in Cape Town and have been exploring large parts of Southern Africa on two and four wheels over the last ten or so years.

I've been up to Dar-es-Salaam, but my real expertise is in Namibia and South Africa. I sold my HP2 Enduro two years ago (sniff-sniff...) and drive a Nissan Navara (or Frontier as they say in the US) which is pimped for proper off-roading with bigger wheels, better suspension and steel bumpers front and rear.

My day job is that of editor of SA's biggest 4x4/overlanding magazine. But that's boring because it involves sitting behind a computer and not being able to travel enough. The odd exception is the vehicle launches I attend.

Next month, for instance, I'm heading off to Sweden to sample the new Mercedes-Benz double cab pickup truck. I promise to report back.



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* coughs *

According to the clever people who audit circulation it's been Drive Out/WegRy for the last, what, five years. ;-)

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