Internet signal amplifier

I have a trailer that is used when parked at the house. I can pick up a very weak WiFi signal from the router in our house but it is intermittent.

I would like to put an amplifier(?) or booster(?) in the trailer in an effort to create a stronger and more reliable signal. Something that is 110v power is fine and even preferred. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated as this is all Greek to me.

Thanks in advance.
1. Which wifi spec (802.11b, n, g, a, ac, etc) are you using?
2. Are you looking for an omnidirectional antenna gain, or are you ok with using a higher gain directional antenna?
3. A simple directional antenna (Yagis are easy to make for microwave freqs) can be used in some cases, but if the router itself is using a multiple antenna or a primitive MIMO type setup, then it won't work.
4. Do you have the ability to put a wifi repeater on the exterior of the home directly adjacent to your trailer?
5. In general, actual wifi amplifiers will also include LNAs inline on the receive side. But these are expensive.
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I honestly can’t answer any of your questions. The router we have was supplied by ISP and I am not home to look at the tag. I know the router is about 150’ from where the trailer is on the opposite side of the house. I would think a directional antenna would be fine. I was hoping to be able to get something that works not only while I’m at home but to be able to have it work out on the road as well.

Looks like I’ve got a little more research to do. I’ll be back home on Tuesday and start digging in a little more.
Thanks for the additional info. Fundamentally, your issues are distance and attentuation (lots of microwave absorbing materials) between your router and your trailer. 150 feet is a long way with omnidirectional antennas.)

The typical solution is to simply use a router as a wifi repeater. Even placing one on the wall adjacent to your trailer would probably be sufficient.
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Switch over and get the google wifi. One hooks up to your modem and the other network together to mesh your house. I can get decent signal with line-of-sight- to about 40ft away from my house (through a window). So yeah, buy the three pack, put 2 in your house and one in the trailer. Done. And their app is pretty solid as well.
I’m afraid I don’t have good enough cell service for WiFi thru our phone.
You can add an external antennae to the mifi to increase range and service

The Verizon jetpack 7730L hotspot uses multiple internal antennae for better reception... In addition it has 2 external antennae ports for mounting 2 external antennae to a rooftop ... They make several different antennae types..suction cup, magentic etc....
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Ordered the Camp Pro Kit 2 from techno rv. Tyler seemed like a good guy and more than willing to help. I know I could have probably done it cheaper but if it works like he says I’ll be a happy camper.

Thanks for all the advice and I’ll post a review once I receive it and set it up.