Intermittent water at tap


Hi everybody again,
Whats happened here?

Just been going over camper prior to this years camping season
got as far as the water system,
turned on a tap, the pump beside the water tank begin running,
the water shoots from the tap, but instead of becoming the usual calm flow, its just spitting and intermittently coming out,
Would that be just some air issue, or symbolic of a failed pump,

It was in a heated workshop over the bad weather this winter, and I reckon I checked it only last month and it appeared fine

any suggestions guys



My first thought too,
but the tanks at least half full.
No it normally spits water for about ten seconds then calms down but not tonight sadly


Tail-End Charlie
Well, I guess if there isn't any air getting in the line, then it must be the pump. The only failed pump I ever had, had a bad motor, so I don't know what the flow might look like if the pump part was bad but the motor keeps running.

Does it have an accumulator tank? I guess that might cause surging if it lost pressure on the air side...dunno though.


It all 'sounds' normal beyond the fact it runs almost continually,
The pump itself looks like a small 4" dia device attached to what looks the top of a filter.

Perhaps I'll remove it tomorrow and look at it properly.

Was hoping it might have been a common problem that few people would point and say 'its an air lock right there'

for refference, do you suggest draining the system at year end
or is that not needed?


Tail-End Charlie
I live in the Southwest U.S., so freezing isn't an issue. If I were to store the rig somewhere where freezing is gonna happen, I would absolutely drain it AND blow it out with air...broken plumbing gets messy.