Interior shelf for Rigid box

I use Rigid boxes in various sizes to carry gear. The small box has worked well to carry recovery straps, winch controller, and lots of other stuff that I don’t like to forget at home. I wanted to secure it inside my JKUR so the box wouldn’t take up valuable space. The wheel well looked like a promising spot, as the box fit nicely between the rollbar and the wheel well.
I removed the rollbar surrounds and speaker enclosure a couple years ago. I used the bolt that was towards the front of the rollbar as one securement. I drilled a hole in a piece of 5” .12 flat stock and welded two legs near the rear door to brace the other end. One of the first mods I did when I purchased my Jeep was to add slotted angle iron to the hardtop bolts for securing whatever I needed, works get for an axe btw. I added a couple eye bolts and two spacer bolts to this angle iron. I will replace the bolts with rubber stoppers when I find some that I like. A ratchet strap hold the box firm. The shelf and box do not stick out past the wheel well at all.



Nice. I did something very similar for 50 cal cans, but used riv-nuts into the inside face and top of the wheel well to hold the bracket. I like the rigid box idea.


Careful.. it is easy to drill through the inner fender and hit your tire. Don’t ask how I know... I’m too far from beer.

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