Interior Light Bulbs - lR3


Does anyone have a solid and not too expensive interior light bulb they prefer? I switched mine out for LED a few years back...they are extremely dim! Maybe the interior lights are meant to be dim, but this is a bit too much.


I swapped mine out a while back was happy with the results. Was a fleabay kit, no complaints. Could be bad luck with the bulbs?


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Bought the Silvania replacements from Oreilly and they are mind numbing blinding bright! Highly recommend them, not super cheap but I replaced all of my interior bulbs with them and love them.

They make Super Bright and Regular Bright.

The Part# 194 pop right in. Once you replace one, turn the light on, if it doesn't work, reverse it as LED can reverse polarize and it will work. So I check each one as I put them in to ensure polarity.



PS - have you ordered the new wind deflector for your roof rack? It's a complete game changer! That one you have on your rack will seem like garbage when you get the new one on! Massive improvement.


Finally FR has made a deflector that actually has merit. Had they made such a thing I would have not designed and mounted my own.

I did mount new LED interior lights but they are so bright I have turned them off when the door is opened. Have to figure out a way to dim them down a bit.


Thats will all the lights on. Not as bright but close with the door lights off.......hahaha

I'm making my own deflector out of Kydex......if it works, I'll be making more! Aluminum support/mount brackets and Kydex wind deflector.