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yeah I documented the bigg differences in the spec sheet between mine and the new one already over here:

Some important differences:

My 2017 DiscoverNew 2021 Discover
Total Length238.75"216"
Total Width99.5"102"
Box Length192"168"
Box Width78"84"
Rear Ramp Opening Width68"74"
Max Height (w/Roofrack)113.5"118"
Ground Clearance12"16"
Interior Height82"83"
Cargo Capacity2250-3100lb2400-2700lb
Hitch Height18"20"
Bed Dimensions60"x81" (2000lbs)46"x81" (1100lbs)

Some pretty significant changes from the OG Discovers, they didnt publish a dry tongue weight for mine but I'm sitting heavy around 700lbs right now, so they did make it lighter.. and more ground clearance, but its taller and thats been a bigger issue for me than clearance.. the extra width sure would be nice but again I dont want big old mirrors either or a wider track than me.
Looks like they shave a ton of weight, and overall GVWR without dramatically dropping the payload rating.. these ToyHaulers are tongue heavy as they get with everything packed into the front, mine's sitting over 700lbs right now which makes it untowable for most everything but full sized trucks or suv's based off full sized trucks.. My tow vehicle is pretty unique to have such high capabilities, Europeans dont buy trucks so they build SUV's w/real tow ratings.
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Has anyone heard anything about actual availability and pricing. Last I heard it would be this fall. As for pricing, given the demand for RV's in general at the moment and, for something like this in particular, I suspect it will rich.


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nope, usually next model year shows up at dealer lots at end of season typically.. MSRP for mine was $28k in 2018, got it for $21k as new old stock because it sat on a dealers lot for a year w/nobody interested in it.. Didnt own it a month before they discontinued the discover, I suspect they made less than a Dozen of em in 2017-2018 before they pulled the plug for 2019 model year.. my wife been looking out for any others on FB group and I think found 1 other.. I found one on Outdoorsey in texas that was the model they used for marketing, and like 2 others for sale at dealer lots when I was looking for mine.. so I know of 5 of em including my own.


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Well, I was told several weeks ago by InTech Sales that it would likely be in the fall, which would be end of season. My point about price is that if the strong demand continues for any period, there may not be much discounting. Granted this is a nitch model and likely appeals to a smaller pool of buyers. However, I suspect if they were on the lots now, they might be selling fast. Of course, that will be heavily influenced by cost. Interesting times in the RV industry.


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We just put deposit down on ours, VIN issued, hope to have it mid-Sept/first of Oct.
i believe there were actually around 50 of the first generation built, but I have only seen one available over the past year- and it is listed for high $20’s.
I too wished it had the exterior kitchen, but we already ‘individual’ kitchen kit...


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yeah I got lucky, it was hard to find it even listed, then I hadda travel quite a distance.. when I showed up the dealer specialized in tear drops and lil trailers, this was biggest thing on the lot and they were happy to be rid of it.. then every other one for sale I had been watching vanished when it was discontinued and I never really seen another for sale.. I doubt your gonna get much movement off MSRP now that InTech has better dealer distribution and you can find most of their models more widely now than you ever could when I was looking.. There was only one flyer in the whole state for sale I gotta look at before putting the deposit down on mine and that dealer sucked.. now I can find many examples to go look at so I think they have ironed out some production capacity issues.

The fridge in the cabinet is kinda nice, much bigger than the lil chest one mine came with.. I discarded it and got a big Engel that I'd have to put inside a Side by Side to fit em both... but overall I agree, I cook outdoors and like the outside arrangment, however I admit its being a total pita to hookup a sink/water on the old config.. its either external faucet or plumbing to a moving platform which is easier said than done.


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it dont mention it but on the photos it looks like its got a water port no?

Top row left to right is 120V detachable power cord (gotta store that), SAE port for Solar, and CableTV hookup.. then below looks like one of these next to the battery vent..

also it dont have an access door over here anymore, but I guess you can get in through the internal cabinets.. I do like it has fender guards on it, I needa make some for mine, I wonder if the'll sell me those individually.

I dont know exactly how you intend to use the roof bars w/out a ladder on this thing, this is higher off the ground than mine.


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I see the Intech RV Dealer in the Portland area has several of the new Flyer Discover's inbound. I'm told they likely won't arrive until December. However, it looks like most are pre-sold. There showing suggested retail pricing on them close to $31K but are showing a sale price of $25K and $26+ for two of the units they have coming in. Doesn't look like they are offering an option to get one with barn doors vs the rear ramp like on the Flyer Explore. Also does not look like it possible to get one without the tip out beds, which is unfortunate in my opinion. Anyone seen one up close yet? Link to decent video covering details is here.


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Hi everyone. This is my first time to post on this forum and I look forward to some great reading within this forum. We've read all 23 pages here on this thread. My wife and I put our money down on a 2021 Flyer Chase a month ago and was just assigned our VIN. We will be doing a fair amount of overlanding with our 2021 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. My question is, has anyone mounted up (2 - one on each side) 23Zero Peregrine 270 degree awnings on their Flyer Chase / Pursue? If so, did they bolt right up or did you have to modify / alter anything? We are supposed to take delivery of our Flyer Chase in December but our awnings arrive in a few weeks. Just want to be prepared. Thanks everyone for any input!
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Greetings new fellow inTech family! Trying to pick up my Chase at the dealer today. I've got a question in regards to getting it home. I am planning on using a brake controller in my tow vehicle, but the harness is not in yet. I was going to pick it up with my dads van which has a flat 4 way plug.

My quote has a line that reads : ELECTRIC BRAKES - INCLUDES 7-WAY PLUG FROM 4-WAY

Can I run a 4-way direct, even if I need an extension from the van to the trailer? Was trying to avoid buying and installing a 7-way for his van as he will never need it.

Appreciate the help. CAN'T WAIT to pick it up. Pictures to follow. It's red!

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