Insurance!....found a new outfit....


In Washington State, USA, my '07 FG140 in flatbed configuration is currently insured by Progressive. I have inquired with many other insurers to no avail.

Recently someone posted that they had a small claim w/ Progressive and their policy was canceled shortly thereafter.

On a lark I called Liberty Mutual....I've been bombarded by their commercials where the insured complain constantly about their rates going up after they "tap a bumper" or "wipe out into a tree," etc. Not sure I want to be lumped into that
kind of pool.....

Well surprise!...They will insure my FG. The young agent even said these soothing words, "We're not so concerned with the gross weight, just with how you use it."
Sweetest words I've ever heard. Most outfits hang up after I give them the VIN number.
Others hang up as I utter the phrase "fourteen thousand and fifty pou......."

The rate was $1057 annually and If I dumped towing and rental car, I can get it down to $950...a mere smidge more than my old Toyota Tundra....but did you see that? Towing!....Yup, I double checked....had the agent look at a picture and everything.
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I was just shopping for quotes for an Isuzu NPS I bid on (and didn’t win) in an auction.

Shannons. “We don’t insure trucks” - even though I know someone else who has an Isuzu NPS insured with them.

Club 4x4. “We normally don’t insure truck but I’ll get back to you” They gave me a quote for between $220 and $270 per month for $50,000 cover depending on the excess.

Broker. Gave them the VIN no problems. $185 PM. For $64,000 cover

Who do others use in Australia? Are these prices typical?

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CHUBB and Gulfway are 2 other good insurers in the States. I'm not sure on the Fuso but they insure my 17k pound LMTV for $600 a year with towing (which I used for an $850 tow bill that was covered at 100%). I do have limitations as it's insured as a Collector vehicle but it's worth a phone call if you can't find anything elsewhere.

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In Navada fg 140 with cacita trailor im also having trouble finding insurance. was insured with Gieco. Then Gieco stated they should not have insured it and would not cover it. would like advise on where to look


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I insured my Hino Ranger 4x4 fire truck from Japan through Hagerty. It is not converted to an RV yet. 18k lb gvwr.


How did your claim resolve? Is this why you are looking for a new insurance company?
still in the middle of my claim.......My experience w/ Progressive is the single worst experience w/ an insurance company that I've ever even heard of.....2 months just to get an estimate....that's just the beginning....I'm looking for other coverage now....State Farm will cover it albeit for a bit more than the $1500 annual policy........A call back to Liberty Mutual that I wrote about yielded a response of "huh? wha?" and a denial that they cover these..... probably do State Farm unless I happen to run into something else...The old adage, "You get what you pay for", probably holds true here and State Farm is a solid outfit with a good reputation in my area....


When I was looking hard at an EC FX one concern was the stories I’ve read about insurance coverage. Found plenty - at crazy high rates. Then on a lark I tried Good Sam’s. Provided the VIN and viola! The best quote among at least 7-8 companies.


The timing ended up being wrong on the EC purchase. (Hoping there’s one in our future however.) Thought I share my insurance shopping experience.


When I was looking hard at an EC FX one concern was the stories I’ve read about insurance coverage.
Sourcing insurance coverage on a completed EC is easy because its not a DIY conversion. There's a dollar amount attached to the EC purchase as in a Bill-Of-Sale or receipt. Its not the insurance companies that you need to worry about, but the underwriters that back their policies.
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How did your claim resolve? Is this why you are looking for a new insurance company?
This was originally posted about 6 months before my wreck....I knew that Progressive was junk insurance....most companies wanted 3-4 thousand annually (commercial policy) ....Note that I use mine like a daily driver pickup not as an RV...RV insurance is dirt cheap....I made the mistake of going with Progressive who quoted me the lowest rate at about $1100...Liberty Mutual also quoted the same price (both are the worst companies ever).....But here's what happened....Post wreck, the adjuster announced that I had a policy limit of $20,000, said it was a "stated value policy." I said, "Hell no, this is an ordinary production vehicle, not an army truck, and when I set up the policy, it was exactly the same as an ordinary vehicle"...(subject to market rates, depreciation etc.).....Well, when I went home and printed out the policy, buried on the 3rd page was a single line, "$20,000 stated value"...........I have "stated value policies" one by Hagerty on my Porsche Speedster....It's stated right on the cover page, not buried in the middle of a back page....I feel that the whole thing was deceptive and purposely designed so they could quote a competitive price.....and I'm an idiot for not reading the entire 14 pages...Liberty Mutual no longer covers these and when I called back East to a Progressive supervisor, she actually stated, "This seems to happen quite a bit" My complaint about the deceptive practice fell on deaf ears....My truck is now insured for a stated value of $40k with Hagerty for $800 per annum. When I got my renewal from Progressive, the rate jumped from $1100 to $1900...I was deeply concerned about "blame" for the wreck....asking the adjuster if we needed to send the tire to a lab for testing etc...No one could answer my questions...I got my answer when the new renewal came at double the price....They blamed me. There were other problems as well. The adjuster was totally dishonest.....He wrote the estimate and essentially stopped when he reached $20k, so he could just send me a check and wash his hands of it. Then, during all that, he called me one day and said, "I have great news...I've been writing your estimate based on a 2wd, you're trucks worth ten grand more, so you won't have to have a rebuilt title...".....He sent me the check and a couple days later, I got my notice from the state to destroy my title and apply for a rebuilt title.............Then oddly, as the repairs started, the adjuster called the dealer to find out what was going on with the front axle?....and insisting that we get the axles magnafluxed....but the adjuster made absolutely no mention of the need for an axle housing in the insurance estimate...( he's obviously worried about something biting him in the ass).....I had to actually tell the dealer to cease and desist from communicating the status of my vehicle to some guy that had nothing to do with it anymore........The whole thing has been a nightmare...Once the current situation is wrapped up, I'll file a complaint with our states insurance commissioner....won't got anywhere but I absolutely want that rebuilt title reversed. I made my final decision to repair the truck based solely upon that phone call from the adjuster...
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