insulation or dynamat under bedrug?


whats a decent solution to get some sound deadening and insulation on the van floor, for my E350 rb passenger with a BedRug installed. I do like the bed rug for now. ( I dont want to install a plywood floor at the moment. Previous owner had the bed sprayed with a liquid coating and bought the bedrug , so im not so sure about putting dynamat on the floor if the spray liner is on there, . . I was thinking to just put reflectix, and maybe dynaliner 1/4" foam in the front and a factory carpet kit for the front cab.

To those that have dynamatted the entire van floor including wheel wells, does it make a big difference in interior road noise? I used 1/2" dynaliner on all the interior panels/doors and it combined with reflectix does great to keep the noise and heat down.
I have "stinger roadkill" in the front section of my van floor, a bedrug in the back, with nothing underneath. It's pretty quiet as is. I do not plan on putting sound deadening in the floor of the van back there, unless I deviate from the bedrug.

Then, it'll likely get a plywood floor

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I had great results with closed cell foam and MLV. Can't hear any floor noise now, just everywhere else!

Dynamat is just to dampen out panel vibration/noise - I don't think you would notice a huge difference.


The wheel wells will be your biggest source of noise. The bed rug should be adequate for the floor, but if you want the bang for your buck I'd add something to the rear wheel wells.