Installing a Dometic CU-434 Range


Gotta Be Nuts
Hi all, we have just received our CU-434 Dometic range and have a question about the install. In the install directions it mentions a 4" space between the appliance and "adjacent side walls" but also says 0" to "appliance and vertical walls". I think this is telling me I do not need to plan for any space along side the oven, just that any walls that protrude from the face of the stove has to be 4" away (which we do not have any protruding walls near the stove. I like the 0" idea more as it will allow a wider drawer. We did try and contact Dometic with this very specific question, they kindly sent us the manual. I also called Dometic and was directed to see an installer (I mean, who do the installers ask)?