Install/removal of fwc camper


So we are looking at a fwc flatbed camper. Still haven't decided which model. I'm trying to get some input on how easy/difficult it is to remove and install this camper. I still have to pull a gooseneck and have a "truck" for other day to day uses. The truck cannot be a full time rv. The camper will be used mainly 1 or 2 weekends a month and an occasional week long trip from spring into fall.

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IMO, having a flatbed camper should make it easier to maneuver under and get it lined up... I'm forever bumping into the back wider section of my camper with the tailgate opening, but once you've done it a few times, it's probably not a big deal either way.

I have four removable crank type jacks on my camper, which have 3-part "feet" that the back tires of the truck have to run over when loading/unloading. I wouldn't go that way again...
If you're not going to do any hard core offroading, I would suggest getting four hard mounted electric jacks instead. That would allow one person to easily load and unload the camper. They suck up pretty far for clearance, but the do stick out some so you'll have to be careful about snagging them.

I can do the four crank jacks by myself, but it's a lot of running from jack to jack to jack, since you don't want to rack the camper too badly when you're lifting it. As it is, my wife and i each take a side and I call out "20 up" and then we move to the other jack and do it again. And again. And again... Seems like it would be so much easier to just mash the "lift all" button and watch the camper go up... I rarely rock crawl with my camper, so four solid electric jacks seem like the ticket to me... :)


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If you use torque lift derringers to attach your camper they are easy to attach and quick to disconnect. It takes a little work to dial them in initially be then easy. And with a electric drill for jacks it takes about 15 minutes to take off or attach your camper.

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For a flatbed model it will most likely be bolted through the bed mounting with backing plates inside and out. Corner jacks can use a cordless drill to raise and lower instead of the hand crank. The most time consuming part is lining up the bolt hols and putting the nuts on, but easy enough. It is a good suggestion to remove the corner jacks after install as you are looking for disaster to happen if the jacks get hit. Just have to see how easy it is to remove the goose neck to have a clean surface for the flatbed to sit on.


Thanks all, the flatbeds i have seen have a trap door for the GN ball and the deck is flat when not in use. Currently i am trying to sell my toy hauler and i am going to keep the electric jacks from it. Just got to see if i can buy the contol box and remote separately to install it on the new camper.

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