InssssssssVANity!!!!!!!......or ****** did I just fly to Maine to by a Sprinter!


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Glad you are making progress! That is funny to find the van's sister. Good thing you were able to "squeeze" the tail pipe in ; ) Safe travels!


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That pic of you behind the wheel... Something is fishy... Are you sure that you are not in England?


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That's weird!? I posted the exact same picture to Facebook and it's the other way around:Wow1:

I have a wifi GoPro that connects to my Android phone and iPad through an app. I will have to play with them. Maybe one app reverses the image and the other one doesn't ??!!

This is a screen shot of the Facebook version !



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This is the reason I went to so much effort to work my way around any snow or moisture on the way home!

I called around for about a week before picking up the Sprinter and couldn't find what I wanted anywhere near the van. So I figured I'd just cook these off on the way home.

It wasn't without drama though. I was after all driving a long, empty 1 ton dually sail with spinnaker roof! Coming across Kansas ice started to form on the windshield, I started to slow down but it was too late!! Got hit by a big gust of wind that tossed the Sprinter about 40* side way across both lanes!:Wow1: I saved it in the rough and gravel shoulder! Tried 2x to get onto the main road surface with the same result.

These are the two cars that PASSED me after the drift! HELLO? Home much more of a hint do you need that its slick out? Notice that I'm still straddling the shoulder in the picture! Can't see it int picture but they bumped uglies!:Wow1:

I drove the next 16 miles straddling the shoulder until the road surface had enough grip again!

Figured I had to save it since I was wearing this fleece! Boy that would have been embarrassing!:coffeedrink:

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Eh....I'm home enjoying a glass of wine and making chili now:victory: to fit 40s under this thing?


Cool van... first dual slider I've ever seen. I'f I had seen this thread earlier, I would've invited you to stop along I-95 in CT; I have a "DAD", and could've run a diagnostic report for ya (I have a 2005 Sprinter Westfalia; awesome layout).

Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind.


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I briefly read this thread and had to laugh, I did the same trip, but with less miles a few years ago.
Having never owned a sprinter previously, I was amazed at the similarities as a early bus. Cold, damp and the feel of a tin can.

If I had read this thread a few days ago I would have given you the best advice. Pull the cabin filter out. It clogs and feels like there is no heater.
The next word of advice for any sprinter owner is learn Dr. A's Phone number by heart.

Good luck

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