INEOS Grenadier


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I am disappointed to see the final production payload at 1500 - 1900 lbs, where 1900 lbs is for the utility wagon, and the five-seater comes in at 1840 lbs. I really would have liked to have seen this truck meet (or even exceed) its original one-ton payload objective. The originally-advertised payload was one of the objectives that, for my use case, really set this apart from other wagons (in the North American market). Now, 1900 /1840 lb isn't bad, especially relative to other offerings in North America, I just wish they'd hit their original mark for its extra load carrying freeboard.

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I suggested that.

INEOS should team up with John Deere. They have a huge network in the US, trained personal and agricultural profile.
BMW does not ring too much in the heads of farmers / contactors in America or in Australia.
John Deere is the last one I'd partner with. The reason they have a huge network is because they've locked everyone else out of their systems - and I suspect that they'd want the same model for Ineos. They keep getting dragged into the courts (globally) over the right to repair; as they state in one of these articles, the profit on repairs is many times that of the initial sale:

I know of a fair few farmer's (wives) who run BMWs around here; contractors? Not so much - they run a Thai built ute or a Land Cruiser.


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A bit more commentary from Autocar of Ineos' sales model in the UK:
Stand out quote was from one of the ag dealers: “The Grenadier is the boss’s car, while pick-ups are the working vehicles." ie where the Range Rover Classic started out in many ways.
Thx Paddler Ed for the updates. This tread is my source for news.

Interesting article. Standout for me was the dealer who stated they should sell 200 units a year. That from a store just outside a town of ~42,000 (Bridgewater, Somerset). Volume surprised me some.

I've read some past coverage and one constant is farmers as customers. Be interesting to see how that pans out in my country, Canada, seeing as they'll be starting with a 5 seater wagon (afaik) Seen farmers with pick ups [sic] and workers with cars - or workers transported in vans. Not really Defenders. Seen it in the UK tho.

Is it a country squire, estate car type target market ? Not sure if that's a culture in my country. Perhaps the 2 seater utility wagon would be more unique/useful/desire able here.

Also, I read Ineos is planing 10 dealers for Canada - probably near major airports... which would be handy. How many service centres, IDK. Not sure how that will work for commercial buyers. Time will tell.

Dynamite vehicle otherwise.


Here we have the wltp cycle
What's Europe version of EPA fuel economy called?
Is there a rated fuel economy for the gas Ineos yet?
Here we have the wltp cycle and they've rated:
- 20/23 mpg for the diesel;
- 15.5/18 mpg for the gas one.

In the "real world" they will be worse, for sure.


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Good vid by Andrew St. Pierre White on his first impression on the Ineos - overall, pretty positive, with an observation on fuel that I touched on previously (Enough payload for jerry cans, that's not a terrible compromise for me).



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Hmm yeah that gasser fuel economy isn't stellar. I'll look into the cycles they use for the WLTP.


US configurator is live. No pricing yet, but you can see the options listed. Unfortunately, I do not see the bull bar listed that was available on the international site which is disappointing. One of the key benefits in my mind was that I could potentially buy a complete vehicle ready to go with auxiliary battery, switches, bull bar, etc. with factory fit and finish. Anyway, have fun checking boxes:

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AU$96k for me (not even driveaway, so I've still got rego (~$1k), stamp duty (~$4K) and other fees to pay on top of that), probably over $!00k out the door.... which puts it up against a basic Land Cruiser 300 in price.

Which was a bit excessive for a very basic spec'd one... I kept it as basic as possible with a few niceties - unlike APSW, I do see the value of heated seats, mirrors and washer jets in Australia as I live at 1,000m above sea level and get below freezing in winter quite often.