INEOS Grenadier


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spotted on another forum:

I sure do like it.

It's nice to see them in real life rather than just computer renderings.

The front and rear bash plates appear to be designed to be the first points of contact for approach and departure angles.

Somehow I'd earlier missed the recessed load bars above the two rear windows. Interesting.


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Christian P.

Would you mind to combine these two thread into one?


This is the transfer case. It seem quite massive. And there is no chain, rather a gear driven mechanics.
This is how the classic defenders TC was too. I wonder what would be the crawling ration? The defender had 3.5:1.

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Looks like the guts of an old Dana 300.

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spotted on another forum:

Is it just me or do those front skids plates seem abnormally low, especially for a solid axle vehicle? Hope the steering gear isn't in a weird spot.


the steel wheels look like aftermarket Defender "Modular" wheels or the Jeep Wrangler steelies.. I wonder what the lug spacing and specs are on the wheels?


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I like it, it looks sharp.

Not crazy about a BMW diesel engine though... hopefully they have a gas option for NA.

A GM V8 engine would be awesome for parts/technical support.

I am not really interested in something like that (new 4dr SUV just for overlanding/offroading) it but it is neat enough to follow.


I am totally impressed with the development of this vehicle. Never thought I'd jump from my Land Cruisers, but it's looking likely.

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New episode sent out today on the Grenadier's build series, focusing on wheels and tires:

A more in-depth look at the "Fireside Chat" where they had some 4x4 enthusiasts/professionals discussing the vehicle if anyone is so inclined: