INEOS Grenadier


I like the design..still seems a bit rough on the edges like the back windows not in line with the first two rows of windows. But definitely a more focused design.

I really wish they create isolated/ modular electrics design with manual overrides so that off something fails it doesn't crap out the full vehicle. That's my gripe with modern off-roaders. Fully integrated design that's laden with cross dependencies.. One item failure puts the computer inn panic mode

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It wasn't so much a direct vehicle comparison, more the price point of something fairly standard, a bit like the Big Mac Index*- for example, a VW Golf in the UK isn't that different in price to the Hilux. Given that the expected UK price point is £40,000, that puts it comparable to a Volvo XC60 (base model Momentum @ £41k) which when translated to Aussie spec is AU$69k - which puts it in AU$7k of a base spec 70 series single cab and $2k of a wagon. Put a Volvo XC60 in the USA market, and it's coming out at US$40k (albeit with a different engine to the UK and Aussie ones - they were diesels).

So potentially, it could be hitting the USA at that $40k mark (unlikely as the $=£ isn't at parity), or nearer that $50k mark (more likely)

*Big Mac Index: A way of removing currency fluctuations to show how much things cost; I've also used multiples of the minimum wage before to do the same, which is often more useful than a direct exchange rate.
Anyone know if the chicken tax would apply to a vehicle like this?

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Interesting noises being made about the production location:

As the comments allude to, Ratcliffe is pro-Brexit.... but might just have realised that it's not a good deal for manufacturing things in the UK...

See for example this piece from Reuters who state his pro-Brexit stance and his plans for manufacturing in the UK (in September last year)


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Why go with BMW? why not Ford? As far as I know BMW engines are great, but not mechanically simple. Though it might be the most charismatic engines as well.
If simplicity is the virtue would it not be better to go with more simpler engines? Ford, MAN and Volvo being one of them... or even Toyota (aka good old American engines :D)

Maybe BMW is offering INESO something different and "simplified" than we were told?
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Because they are using Steyr to design the mechanics. They would only look for German drivetrains.


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Because they are using Steyr to design the mechanics. They would only look for German drivetrains.
They also have experience with the BMW B58 engine because they're currently stuffing it into the Toyota Supra. Additionally, there's the fact that the BMW B58 is globally used (USA, EU, LatAM, etc...), so it would make sense for them to use a powertrain that is globally certified rather than some oddball choice.


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This was a cool nugget from Wikipedia I thought.

"The B58 also features an engine-mounted heat encapsulation system to reduce engine wear and emissions during start-up.[13]

As a part of BMW's new modular engine family, the crankcase is a completely new design identical to the B57 diesel version,[14] engineered as both a gasoline and diesel engine in one common part. The closed deck crankcase is equipped with a completely new structure which can be identified by a complex array of ribs on the exhaust and intake side and an additional reinforcement frame on the oil pump side."

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As crazy as it sounds, these single twin scroll turbo BMW engines are reasonably reliable. The N54 was the first main stream turbo charging venture and had some issues, but the N55 and B58 have proven to be fairly good. BMW sucks at building reliable V8 engines and in car electronics. It is good at building an inline 6 engine though. The use of the B58 should be really good for international emissions requirements which is probably helping Ineos with homoligation to country requirements. The video below shows some really trick parts of the B58. Oh and the tuning community for the B58 is amazing. So if you want to add 200 HP to the engine, you will be able to do that from day 1. This will help it appeal to more buyers even if tuning isn't appealing to everyone.



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That Andrew guys is the biggest dork. Even if He may be right ever word that comes out of his nerdy mouth makes me want to hit him. 5A6366B9-7074-4D31-8D61-B75E6B5D41E5.jpeg
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I mean, he’s wrong too - but also a nerd. Everything he says is biased by high school drama because he’s being a crybaby about how Land Rover stopped inviting him to events after he trashed them unfairly. The only people who take anything he says about LR seriously are ones who, just like him, already have their own biases.