Induction cook top sizing and brands?



I am planning on running an induction cook top. I am looking at a two burner model.

Are there any standard sizes (in case I want to cut it in? )

Any recommendations on which unit to buy?


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We had a single hob Tru Induction, now have a built in Dometic.

Doing it over, I would go back to a single hob unit, stored in a drawer.

-- Gives you more counter space when not actually cooking and there is less danger of breaking the top

-- Costs a bit less.

-- Works really well if you have a few hot pads for the pans - heat, then set aside while you heat another pan.

N.B. We find that the countertop/RV units don't simmer very well - at low settings they simply
pause and each pulse may be a bit more than you want with a drier mixture. We will be playing with an Instant Pot on this trip.

As always with things like this, YMMV!
Currently have an Empava IDC12B2. If it proves unreliable, I will replace with 5x more expensive Kenyon SilKEN2 marine unit. Both 110v.
Very happy to leave propane on my back deck for bbqs.


Thanks all.

I will have a hickory counter top, so I was hesitant to cut into it. If I did, I wanted to be able to swap the same size unit it.

A drawer was an option too. I may just buy two individual units instead of a dual unit. May have to watch the power more closely though.


Also, plan on a blackstone griddle for outside and probably a small camp stove. We probably will cook outside if the weather is good.

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We have been using a cheap generic amazon 2 burner cooktop for a couple years now. No complaints. Cost was less than $120. I had been using a few sets of 6v golf cart batteries up until a year ago and they couldn't handle the amperage draw from the inverter. New lithium batteries have been no problem, for what that might be worth.

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