Indoor outdoor carpet


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Back when I had my tent trailer when the kids were wee little lads, we used a piece of indoor outdoor carpet to wipe our feet on before entering the trailer.
It kept a lot of dirt out of the trailer, yet I still had to sweep the trailer daily, and also the indoor outdoor carpet some.
But it did help a lot.

Storing it inside the trailer in a garbage bag tons of dirt fell out of it when stored.
They trap a lot.

I want to get a piece to lay down at the bottom of my roof top tents ladder.

This would cut down on the amount of dirt that gets on the ladder, and also brought into the tent when I climb in for the night with my shoes on before taking them off.

I was thinking of a way to store it, and I have seen those PVC tubes that some make to store fishing poles in and they attach them to their roof racks.
Can you buy these tubes premade with the screw end caps on them?

It would be cool to just roll up the carpet and slide it into the tube, put the cap back on, and not worry about throwing the tube into the rig.
Stored on the side of the rack or under the base of the tent up there would be pretty neat.

Did some Googling, and I see the fishing pole ones you can build by buying the tubing, ends, and cement-glue for them.

I am looking for a premade one though about 3' long.
That should be a good size to roll up a piece of carpet and stuff it inside.
Are there premade ones out there?

Does this sound like a cool idea to store a section of carpet in?


Corey, Just go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get a pvc female adapter w/plug for one end and a glue on cap for the other end, what ever size you need, with what ever length pipe you want and your good to go. I would suspect that you will want at least 3 inch dia. pipe. If you will get the thin wall pipe you will save weight. They are probably going to have it in 10' as their shortest length. Not all that expensive. Ron


OverCamping Specialist
Thanks Ron.
I was thinking about trying it myself after reading the fishing rod holder article I posted above.

I have a Lowes by me, that is probably where I would get the section of carpet too.

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Tom and Elaine

If it weren't for PVC pipe and slip on or screw on ends I wouldn't have:
Map cases
Fishing pole cases
Spud gun
Ridge pole replacement for an older tent
It could go on forever. Thank god for our local Ace Hardware


Abel Villesca

I like the outdoor carpet idea. I've used these and similar products extensively and they are very effective for keeping dirt and mud out of tents, trailers, etc: Bootbrush



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Actually the show wiper is not a bad idea.
I have one on my front porch I bought long ago from Camping World to also use with my tent trailer.
We wiped first on the carpet section, and the shoe wiper was on the step for the trailer.


Good find, that should work well...........
I have lots of carpet and two boot cleaners in my Truck camper. Unless you get the right size indoor/ outdoor carpet, cutting it will lead to endless carpet fuzzies that turn up Everywhere. I have had mixed results using heat to cut the carpet and melting the edges to stop the issue.
I use a scrap piece of rubber bed mat when tenting, mostly because I had it, the best part about it is that it wont soak up water and brings no dirt in the Jeep when stowed, just wipe or shake it clean. The bad side is it is heavy and won't clean your shoes.


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I remember the outdoor carpet I had before would get fuzzy at the ends.
Hopefully this thing will hold up to lots of shoe/boot wiping abuse.

I may even be able to set the base of the ladder right on it.

It should stay dry too, I just ordered this from Mike yesterweek.
It will go over the entrance door that has the ladder.

I did not get the zip on room though, but I may end up getting it later.

Mike S

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I use a section of Astroturf. Dosen't hold water, gooks good, shakes clean.

There. Don't say I never did nuthin' for ya...


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Here it is, a little big, I could cut it in half.
It is very heavy duty.
Did some work on the tent today, so I decided to try it out.


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