In vehicle Navigation system


I just got a new car. We will take road trips in it but not necessarily "overlanding". It has a nav system built into it. Is there any advantage to using this as compared to an app on my smart phone? The car is a 2019 Camry XLE. I had a Nav stem in my 2011 Acadia Denali that offered me less than google maps. Any reason the newer Camry would be more useful?


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I've wondered about factory navigation.

I suppose the main question is the quality of the maps and POIs as well as if they are applicable to the purpose. IOW, they are probably biased for highways and pavement and lack USFS and BLM data, not to mention they are probably only going to let you use the maps they give you and not just load any map you wish.

I'd also want the ability to generate, follow and then upload and download tracks and place waypoints, which I assume isn't something typically included.

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My 2015 Nissan Titan showed all of our FS roads during last year's ID BDR trip (although we were using a stand alone GPS with the actual tracks). It also has a slot for a removable SD card that would allow you to upload different maps such as Europe if needed. I have never fiddled with it enough to see if I can download tracks for it or not.