In the USA / Isuzu NPR-HD / Which Year(s)

I am 90% certain that my base truck for building a camper will be a light truck and not a Sprinter. Sprinter costs right now are insane and the end result cramped and limited. I need a crew cab - dog kids etc. I would love 4x4 for peace of mind but no matter how i look at it i need the crew cab and I live in California - central coast - so my options are limited. So Isuzu it is.

I have a load of questions but wanted to start with what model years are worth considering. And is there any reason not to buy the gas version of the Isuzu? Gas seems more flexible. I might want to convert to 4x4 later on, though I can’t do this without outside help. Same with converting it singles. But I want to make sure I have the option of doing both. Is there such a thing as a long body for an Isuzu?

I would also be interested if there are any DMV ( california regulatory folk) gotchas when converting and modifying these trucks for registration in cali.

Thanks in advance.
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I want the truck registered in Cali. As far as i know that limits my options. Unimog Dokas are more than i need. MAN trucks and other options, including many MOGS have to be 25 years old or more. They are also bigger than i want. But maybe i missed an option? So i said where i need to register.

I have searched for Isuzus and Fuso and loads of other trucks, and answered many of my questions. But my question about the NPR and what model years i should ignore was more about tapping into deeper knowledge related to changes Isuzu have made to the trucks in the US over the past 10 years. Knowledge I don’t have. But many people here might have. DZLTOY talked in one post about the engine and tranmission in the NPR. Useful information. Maybe people here have other info.

As for frame length. Again I have searched. But what i find might not be complete.

I am gonna ask a lot of dumb questions,
but none of them will questions that i have not already googled and/or read endless threads on Expo. But I recognize the combined knowledge here could help fill gaps and prevent expensive mistakes.

I have that spec. sheet already printed. Thanks.