In search for a 4x4 truck with true 4 season camper, Canada, BC.


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If anyone going to sell their rig before this winter or when the nice weather is over let me know! I'm in Canada 🇨🇦 near Vancouver, but willing to travel for the right one (within Canada), my total budget is 25-35k CAD for a truck and camper or expedition vehicle. I know, for expedition vehicle it's a bit tight, but I'm open for everything that can handle negative temperatures up to -25C without tanks and us freezing and is 4x4.

From my research, the following campers should handle such conditions:

  • Bigfoot
  • Northern Lite
  • Citation / Corsair
  • Snow River
  • Nash

If you know of any other campers which are truly 4 seasons, not just advertised as they are, please let me know.
And more importantly, if you thinking of selling, already listed your rig, or saw something that might work, contact me. Self-converted vans would work too

Thank you :)


If you find one let me know :) haha. I will buy it too!

Honestly, the best I have seen going is the 2017 Northern Lite's leftovers from canadream. They sell for around $33-35k. Yes, that doesn't include a truck.

Decent 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks are so hard to find right now. They are in huge demand. You can find 1/2 tons easily but not 3/4 ton and up. Still, you could probably find a 3/4 ton in okay shape for 10k or so. So 45k and you have your setup.

Anything less than that and youll be looking at probably a 15 year camper and even though they age well they do have some issues as they get older.

25k def super optomistic :) Good luck.


If your budget is tight perhaps your quarters can be too. Keep your eye out for reefer (refrigerated) trucks or slide ins. Plenty of work to make it livable but you start out with a fat chunk of highly insulated space. Of course with something small and airtight, moisture management becomes a problem so plan on solving that too.

Oh also, perhaps you can find something really clapped out from the oil sands. They have trucks out there 24/7 including mobile quarters/office/shops, not sure what resale is like, but assume a million hours of idling time.

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I'd say this ticks just about every box! Good luck!