In Bed Tacoma Auxiliary Fuel Tank


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This is my desire - an aux tank but NOT in the bed. For oveland travel I need the space for other items and a dedicated tank/box combo would not work for me. But thanks for asking the forum.

There are others who will chime in...


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understandable. It would be super simple to install though and I think it would double as storage. With these trucks, as I'm sure you are fully aware of, it's hard to find a good spot to put a second tank.


Viva Baja
To keep the ball rolling on this

Hey everyone,

I finally got a response from Transfer Flow & RDS Manufacturing today. Very coincidental that both responses occurred within 18 hours of each other.

Anyways, I gave each of them additional information on what I would like to see. Specifically, I told them, that it is my opinion that the UWS low profile tool box is the most popular tool box because it doesn't block the rear window and it fits nicely into the bed. Additionally, I would like them to add 20 to 30 gallons of fuel storage in the base of their design with an internal fuel pump that could deliver fuel to dirt bikes and ATV's pulled up along side of the truck. Once I get some sketches and more feedback, I will update everyone again. Any thoughts or input from anyone at this time?

Thank you!!


Would like a larger tank in the stock location that took advantage of the space available... barring that, I'm VERY interested in an aux tank (happy with gravity feed) that was 20-30 gallons, bedrail hight or lower... and didn't draw attention. :D

EDIT: 1st Gen taco here...


I am few years from this type of project but I have an aluminum topper and I plan to install an aux tank up against the front of the bed under the topper.

I found one of these:

I think having one of these will eliminate the need for 7 jerry cans spread throughout the vehicle and it will be tucked away and above the stock fuel filler location for gravity fed by simply opening the side door of the topper.


It sure seems like re-routing the exhaust and putting an aux. tank opposite the stock location would be perfect. Thats my plan which hopefully works. Going to take it to an exhaust shop this weekend and see what they think. I want to make sure everything stays smog legal and doesn't cause any codes.