I'm back in a Jeep, a JKU


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And I don't really plan to mod it much. I'm trading the stock Wrangler SR tires for a set of Cooper ST-Maxx 255/80-17 this week.

I'd like to remove the back seat and install some sort of shelf or drawers. Would like something the dog can sit/lay on and see out the front.
I've been out of the JK game for almost 3 years and I'm not up on the newest products.
Anything good available?

This thing from AT-Overland has me curious. Two of them and a shelf from Bestop and I might be good to go...



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:ylsmoke: Well, I was DEEP into Ramchargers/Powerwagons almost 45 years ago and I thought that they were the best/fastest/most off-road capable vehicles this side of the Mississippi, so I liked it when you got the PW, sorry that doesn't work anymore-

I never liked the 2dr Jeep you got (wrong vehicle for big guys) and you never listened to me then, so

With this new JKU and notta Rubi--I've got nothing to say !

Good luck-

:snorkel::snorkel: JIMBO


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Hey Bill!

Glad to see you'll still be around on the Expo. I think you'll be impressed with the new motor/tranny combo. While it's not the same as Hemi the PW, it's faster than you might suspect. In fact, our '12 JKUR is quicker than my '09 PW by a pretty fair margin. But it just doesn't feel the same as getting 8K of truck rolling.

You can't go wrong with the stuff from AT. If you go that way, tell'm to give you my discount - that usually only cost's ya an additional 10% or so... :sombrero:


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Congrats. Good choice on tire. I ran 285 stmaxx on my jku. Very stiff sidewall.

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Welcome back to the JK Bill. Sadly, the headlights still suck! Fortunately, everything else is improved!


I am getting ready to install the same tire this week. Will let you know how it looks and rolls. As the later is definitely the more important. I am still trying to solve my lighting issue (on a budget) as was stated before the lights still stink...:mad:


I know the Trucklites aren't cheap but it was one of those mods that I wondered afterwards why I waited so long to bite the bullet. Worth saving for, for sure IMHO.


Nice to see you back in a JK. 2012+?

Picture looks like the same thing I'd do. Yank the 60 portion of the 60/40 back seat, and put in a flat floor with access under it, while leaving the one behind the driver there just in case I need to carry a 3rd person.


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Thanks, all.

And why do people keep saying, "...it's not a Rubicon...."?
I'm not going to rock crawl. I'm a roadtrip and forest service road kinda camper. Accent on roadtripping.

I really need a dog perch in the middle behind our seats. Jessi has a bum leg and can't really stand up for long periods; but she likes to look out the front window, especially wheeling.

Where's Martyn? What's that back seat gizmo on their site? I can't find info about it on the web page...

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It's an extremely capable vehicle. Even stock. Perfect for what you intend to do with it. You know whay JEEP stands for so good luck and have fun!!


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Stage 1 and 2 work together to make a flat raised storage area from the tailgate to right behind the passenger seat. The one you are looking at has a large compartment with a false bottom that provides separation for a top and bottom storage area

The false bottom can be fitted with a 11 gallon water tank and water heater if desire.
The hot water heater can heat to 180 degrees which is then mixed with cold water so Jessi can take a warm shower :sombrero:



Nice looking! I like the use the KISS method for modifying. It is easier to find factory parts than look for aftermarket hop up items. The Rubicon is an ego and the Hype part of Jeep. If Rubicons were the best, they wouldn't be modified would they? My Sport does Just fine, and I have never dropped the sway bar for droop, or needed lockers. Jeeps are fun no matter what kind of Jeep it is. I gave a little dissertation on a Jeep forum and took a real beating on the sub-divided culture of Jeeps. People don't just accept "all" Jeeps. Throughout different stages of build it becomes obviously apparent. I joke and say that a Rubicon was made for incompetence and lack of driving ability and people get pissed off because of the money they spend on them. Too many clicks have developed for the "stages" of a build and the model you drive. Money spent on mods doesn't equate time and experience. It derives from inflating small egos and need for showmanship. Let the beating begin here now!! LOL

I like all things off road and could care less.

Enjoy your travels!