If You Are Able Bodied, Next Time You’re Feeling Sorry for Yourself, Take a Moment and Think of This Tough Duo


A Son of the Purple Sage
Pair of Colorado Springs double-amputees climbing Manitou Incline

With matching shirts labeled “LEGLESS LEGENDS,” two double-amputees on Thursday morning embarked on a trek up the Manitou Incline for an event raising veteran awareness.

Former Army Staff Sgt. Travis Strong and Mandy Horvath plan to continue their friendly race to the top of Pikes Peak. The Colorado Springs residents aim to reach the summit Sunday.

Beside an experienced mountain guide, Horvath conquered the peak over three dayslast summer. That trip started with her second climb up the Incline. Strong garnered attention in March for his grueling ascent on the railroad ties gaining 2,000-plus feet in less than a mile.

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