If I Only Had The Money....


Expedition Leader
And people are surprised that ambulances are sold to the public. I think it’s bait... anyone who buys it will soon be subject to a visit from homeland security for suspicion of terrorist activity. ;)


I'd hate to how much diesel it chews through with all that amour plate,

still im sure that you could get a matching military diesel tank trailer to tow behind.


Ah I see, like this:

I'm glad I live in a place where a red town car is the most extreme police vehicle we need😁
Typical Brit humor.....lol....nah, more like this:
But, I've always thought it was kinda interesting that they paint their armed response vehicles bright red. Kinda gives away the fun surprise. Had the pleasure and honor to be trained by Phil Singleton and SAS members back in the day and there was a few giggles about that.