If a slide in camper had ...


We go camping because we like the outside. I like the idea of a slide in except that it's TOO isolating from the environment. Currently we have a fiberglass topper w/ a windoor on one side and sliding side window on the other. We usually sleep w/ the back tailgate down and hatch open. I'm looking at less constraining options.

If a slide-in camper (popup or hard side) only had 2 rear doors (like a commercial topper) and windoors on each side I'd be very interested. Unfortunately I haven't found one ...
Please let me know if I've overlooked a manufacturer. Thanks.


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I hear ya. That's one reason I like the one that the SuperCamperos built:

I don't know of a camper that's commercially available that would meet your needs. However, have you considered getting a 'contractor box' like the CargoBody ones, and outfitting the inside yourself?

Or, the military surplus one that CrazyJane linked is apparently still available, but you'd have to add the side windoors.
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I drool over those custom camper setups but i have neither the skills or the time.
I've looked into those cargobodies but it would be a lot of work and expense to modify to my needs. I can do the interior but the exterior ...

At this point, I'm leaning towards either an ARE vertical side commerical cap like this:

or a callen camper -> http://callencamper.com/Camper shells.htm

At some point soon, I realize I'll have to sh@t or get off the pot :)


Don't know what you are looking to spend, but when I worked at RV dealerships were able to special order in units with double doors and even sliding glass doors in the rear. I have even done a few custom builds for people looking for something like that in the past. My favorite one was a Lance that the back dropped into a ramp for a very independent lady in a wheelchair. I had to rebuild the whole inside of that thing for her chair to fit down the aisle. I see used units here in Denver from time to time with the rear glass sliders. While those doors aren't desirable for heading offroad, they do provide the opening to build something else into. Suburban Toppers down on Colfax is great to deal with and can probably order you a topper with any options you want. If you get something and need help with mods, drop me a pm. It looks like your just down the road from me anyway.


@sunman, the FAQ on the FWC site says they don't do mods but I just sent them a mail to double check. Also sent one to All Terrain Camper

@oldcj5guy, those RV companies will do anything for a price. Good to know. Where do you see the units at w/ rear glass sliders? Thanks for the offer for mod help. I might need it :)

I did find a camper w/ double doors, today. Panther campers ( http://panthercampers.com/index.html ). Scroll to bottom to see a pic of the double doors. These are pretty interesting lightweight units. I'll have to send them a mail also.
thanks guys.


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I have a Six-Pac U850 that I ordered a couple of months ago. It has a 47" double wide door with screen door and a 4' window on each side of the main area as well as a smaller window on each side of the cab over.

The base unit was around $7000 and the driver's side window and door were about $1500 more. The camper is just an empty shell that you can fix up however you like. I don't have any pictures yet but there are plenty available on their site.

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Have you checked out flip Pac? I am like you and want an open feeling when we camp. I have had a slide in, pop up, and it still felt closed in, if that makes sense. The Flip Pac is like tent camping without the hassle. You have an 8’ tall tent that sets up in seconds.

When I was just starting out building my camper, I wanted 2 wide open doors or one large lift door. But in the end I built one center door. I opted for a smaller door for two reasons: less heat loss in the winter, and summer bug control. Plus, with the very open feeling you get with the Flip Pac, I do not feel closed in or isolating at all with the smaller rear door.


@bigdave, six pac has a pretty reasonably priced shell model. I looked at the 650 series but still pretty big. I'm thinking it might not hold up long term mild/mid 4x4 terrain.

@bellapsd, I've thought about a flippac but I spend too much time in the desert. It's too windy for a tent based system ... and the friggin blowing sand ..

@fisher, don't get me started on the cool stuff we can't get :)
Thanks for the ideas


jim_stl, those capri's are interesting. The Ranchero model is lighter, cheaper and has more storage than the Four Wheel Camper Hawk model that I've been looking at. Here's a link to the Ranchero model -> http://www.capricamper.com/ranchero.html
Of course, the unknown is how well they do offroad.

I just sent Capri a mail to see if they'll do double rear doors.
EDIT: Capri replied that they will not do double rear doors. - Scratch that possibility.

From similar mails to ATC & FWC earlier, only ATC responded. ATC will not do rear double doors. I bet it's tough to slide in a few sheets of plywood. I really like the idea of double rear doors like Callen or Panther. Panther pic of loading an ATC here ->
http://panthercampers.com/Options/Double Doors.jpg
Anyway the hunt continues ..
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