Identify this gun tool please


I was putting a new toy I recently purchased into my gun cabinet, and found this tool up with the ammo on top of the gun cabinet. I cannot for the life of me remember what it is for or which gun it belongs to (an AR?). It was still in a little sealed plastic bag, so it hadn't been used on anything. The little hex wrench was also with it, but not in the plastic bag (so they might not go together). But I put it in the picture to show scale.

Can anyone identify this tool for me?

Gun Tool.jpg


Looks like a shotgun choke wrench.
Of course there is no defined object in the picture to scale against...
That hexwrench is unknown size.


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Choke wrench for 12 and 20 gauge pump or semi-auto shotgun. The long extension looks like a pin punch to remove the trigger mechanism from a gun like a Remington 870. No idea on the Allen or Bristol wrench, other than it’s an Allen/Bristol wrench.


Could it be the assembly tool and "go", "no go" gage for some Ikea type furniture??