Ideas to make my pop top extra stable


I redid my pop top on my van, new hinges on the front so the front lifts a little higher than before, back still raises higher than the front, westfalia style. I think the combination of the front now lifting higher where before it more pivoted from the front, and significantly more weight due to a fan, solar panels, insulation and other things, (possibly adding a rack later), has made it sway quite a bit. I added 2 gas struts in the front that form an "A" shape across the front of the van, to help take some load off the hinges. and added stronger locking struts in the back. but that alone isnt enough. its perfectly fine in the garage with no wind, but I would be pretty sketched out in high wind. i can make it sway a lot pretty easy.
I'm thinking of going to stronger struts up front, i think mine now are only 25lb.
I'll try to tighten up the tent canvas as much as i can as well.
Any other ideas? maybe some kind of folding bar that i can lock into place from the van body to the back/highest part of the pop top?


Expedition Leader
yes, pictures of it open / raised. best I can suggest blind is a U-shaped tubular brace, the bottom of the U hinged / mounted to the roof so that it swings up and the arms of the U attach to the raised roof. Kind of like a folding table's leg.

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