Ideal Tire Size for a G-wagon


Thanks G-Force! I have a crated OM617A turbo motor waiting to go in, should help in the power department. Is that your truck? Beautiful! Looks like 463 trim fitted. Do you know the size and offset of those wheels? I am thinking about the H&R 30mm spacers for my OEM 15" alloys. I get rubbing now at full steering lock and I'm only running about 11" wide tires.


Expedition Leader
On the Special Op's and Force Recon vehicles I train the Marines with we increassed the size to 33" tires. We under really twisted situations we might get a small amount of tire rub.


The wheels are 15 x 7 inches, but i do not know the offset. I`ll check it out. They are standard BWA alloys for G-wagons.

Quite right. The wagon has an olmost complete 463 trim, including front and rear bumpers. Only thing missing now is 463 mirrors. The fuel filler mounting is as original on the 460. Way to much work to alter, just for the look of it:elkgrin: