Iceland in January

Traveling to Iceland for a quick winter get away with the wife. Any suggestions on things to do, places to see, and any other items to look forward too?
I have no suggestions since I've never been. But I am curious as well. Iceland is on the top of my list of places to see and I would love to go in the summer if I can. Winter would be pretty awesome though.
blue lagoon is a must. hotel attatched is not so amazing but if you stay there as a guest they have their own private thermal pool and a great breakfast. dont miss the theatre/gallery/exhibition building on the wharf in the capital. massive impressive and the Icelandics are rightly proud of it. january has obviously few hours of sunlight. ..get up early and go go go. I was surprised to see so many ponies...we travelled north for a wedding; exquisite! then drove our 4x4 south again through blizzards to see breath taking views of moutains glaciers geysers. ponies.... might be able to share an electronic guide book through a cloud? pm me. ..otherwise have a blast!

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try the Laundromat Cafe in City centre. .. a funky place for great breakfasts beer coffee etc. . also there is a good museum on the dock...bit pricey but then most things are in Iceland. pay even more at the same museum for a guided tour around their ship made famous during the fishing disputes. depends what you find interesting ..each to his or her they say. the evenjng for departure home we stayed at a big hostel...I mean it was huge...but the bar was THE place to be of an evening with hip students, travellers and bohemians and some rather excellent live entry and beer served in proper sized glasses......There are free maps at most info places and I just remembered that the Theatre building on the wharf which I mentioned earlier is called Harpa or Harper....or something similar. check it out

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we went for a swim at one of the out door volcanically heated swimming pools. it was -17C and blowing a blizzard and dark but once you were in in were lurvely ....unforgettable and perhaps a little insane. this was followed by a hot tub then icelandic snapps.

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Blue lagoon as others have suggested. Jump on a northern lights tour for one evening. Their national museum is worth a visit. Book a 4x4 tour with one of the adventure companies. Reykjavik is a special place, dress warmly and go for a walk towards the Hallgrims church (giant, you can't miss it) and down towards the old harbour area. Lot's of nice places for coffe and a snack.
Iceland is addictive, we have been up there 5 times and still wanting more :)
I made it on my adventure to and from Iceland, and I would recommend the trip for a number of reasons>
1) Iceland Air - The actually treat air line passengers as passengers, and not self loading cargo. Our flight was on a 757, and the pitch of the seats is a nice change from the domestic airlines. My guess is that they have an additional 2" of leg room between the seats and it makes all the differences in the world. The direct flight from Denver also helps.
2) Iceland Air booked a decent hotel, with a decent breakfast buffet.
3) Super Easy town to get around, with enough to do; Ended up going on a Super Jeep tour to see the Northern Lights, Golden Circle Tour, and an Icelandic horse ride, and plenty of time to plow around town.
4) In the end I think we were just under $900 per person for the 5 night trip.

Missed the penis museum, but had a great time!
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