Iceland 2017


Let’s go already!
We are going on our second Iceland trip, this time in our own Defender. We rented a 130 with amcamper last time, but it was VERY expensive..We are leaving on Mar 18th from Hirtshals, DK on the ferry to. Our return date is April 5th.

The rig is a 1994 LR Defender 110 Utility. 300Tdi, MOD replacement at some point. It is ex-MOD, but not the typical green beastie. This was an RAF fire service vehicle, as evidenced by the fire extingusher brackets that were in the cargo area, and the dents in side panels from said extinguishers banging around.


This was the truck when we got it last year. Since then:
Dynomat and carpet rear.
230V inverter (for Nespresso!)
New ExMoor seat trim, cubby, seat heaters.
Installed Planar 2D12 air heater under cubby with Nakatanenga bracket.
Bosch driving lamps
LED interior lights in cargo area
USB and 12V outlets in cargo area
Aux fuel cans and brackets
Digital voltmeter

A few things in the next few days. Putting the Nakatanenga CargoBear rack and Howling Moon tent from the Puma onto this truck. Oil change and fluids check. Finish up loading.

Why this truck and not the Puma? Well, we will be leaving Germany in a month or two. This is going to be our European rig. This truck will get stored at RiverHouseMini, a mis-named Defender restoration company in the Netherlands. We have become friends with Michael, and he offers a storeage and maintenence package. 50Euro a month, and they keep the truck indoors, and drive it once a month to keep seals/battery in cood condition.

The plan is to have the truck available for any Euro trip we may decide to come back for, and to let it age to 25 for importing.

Back to Iceland...

Restictions on amount of food brought in mean we are taking lightweight camping and instant meals, will do veg and meats locally.

We have the fridge and campstove, tons of propane cylinders, MSR stove, double sleeping bag, wool blankets, reindeer skin, Mr. Buddy heater, thermarest pads and pillows, poncho liner (wubbie!), mummies, and good outdoor gear with base layers. Spent a few days packing and repacking, and applying Greenland wax and German "shoe fat" for waterproofing.

I am hoping to leave Thursday, and take our time to get to Hirtshals. It is a 12-14 hour drive, but we may break it up. Using the time as a shakedown cruise gives some slack for last minute vehicle issues.

The other pic is our Puma with the 300Tdi in background.


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Let’s go already!
Rack moved from truck to truck, tent is on.

Finally got wiring for Planar heater squared away, nice and toasty.
Not real impressed with my alternator under load (13.4V), so putting a new one on tomorrow.

Went with wife's idea and got wood planks for along the back, now we can stealth camp without tent in Denmark, or if it gets really cold in Iceland, we have alternate sleeping area.

Still a bit to do...

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Iceland is high in my bucket, but the fuel/time wasted driving from PT to the ferry in Denmark keeps me at bay....


Nice job. If you don't mind my asking, what type of double sleeping bag do you have? Are you happy with it? I've been looking for one (I'm in the market for a Howling Moon RTT also) and cannot figure out which double bag to get as my GF gets cold (while I'm pretty warm). I can always escape to cooler air, but she can't escape to warmer air. So - been looking at the offerings from Big Agnes and North Face. But, really no clue. Any insights are appreciated. Also - reindeer skin? That HAS to be warm.............


Let’s go already!
We have a NorthFace 20 degree double bag. Good bit of kit, good zippers. Can cool down one person only by opening your side.
Using on top of ThermaRest air inflateable pads, with an old green army blanket and poncho liner on top. It was 13F and we were warm. Spent second night in car, same set up but with diesel air heater on, and it too was warm.

If you get any RTT with annex, waterproof the annex, or the floor becomes a pool.


Let’s go already!
Arrived in Seydisfjordir...or however the locals spell. Drove north with intent of exploring an abandoned village, but the roads were blocked. Set up camp in a campground, closed for season, but we found town office and told them we were self contained and got the OK. 13 degree night.


Let’s go already!
From sunshine and mild to blinding snow and 50MPH winds. The weather here has cancelled all domestic flights, and drifting snow makes roads unpredictable.

We are in the lower West Fjord region. Got a funky little hotel room for two days, we will dry out and do a day trip tomorrow, and keep an eye on the forecast for the next few days.


Let’s go already!

03April: Walking the road. Rt 901, south of Eglisstadir. Very nice drive on a plateau, huge herds of reindeer to be seen. Good road, but not maintained in winter. Elevation 820M, 30KM from anything, and the slush/ice mix you see was over axel deep. Slippery and makes one worry about sliding off the road. Went through a few patches like this, then decided to turn back. Getting stuck here would be bad, as the road was marked as proceed at own risk.

Two truck convoy would have been a good way to go forward, but the road eventually vanished under more snow/slush/ice.

We had provisions, diesel aux heat, and a DeLorme InReach locator with SOS beacon as backup. Luckily not needed.

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Thank you for the information on the temperature. Hitting similar trip in October, same loadout (110 RTT).

Any other advice for winter operation?