I was researching a Titan swap for my 2nd gen Xterra...

Ryan Rogers

I feel like I went wrong somewhere:

Really, I needed a bigger truck to pull our pop-up camper long distances. I got my wife and daughter into camping (they love it), but my wife preferred the pop-up over tent camping. I'm willing to give a little if it means a couple weekends out under the stars every month. So meet Nessy, a 2017 pro-4x Titan (non-XD).

It is BIG compared to my Xterra.

BTW--My daughter looks like she was crying...she was. She was pretty upset that Oscar (the Xterra) was gone, but she likes the truck now--because it is red :sombrero:


I had seen the pic ...I posted that I liked the color...
But now I cant see the pic.
I can see it in a Preview of the thread on the Tapatalk app, but not once I'm inside the thread. Great truck and color choice! I love the new Titans.

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