I think I found my Overland Rig.... Help me out here


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How about going all in on this purchase?
I found a guy in columbus, about an hour drive for me with the following ad

This would get me a good base vehicle with what seems to be a very clean body.

Talking engine replacements, i think it would be somewhat of an advantage for me to get elbow deep in this thing so that when we are out on a trip im familliar with it.

I have a garage i can let the vehicle sit for as long as needed.

Now the vehicle its self has over 320k miles. What else will need replaced that wouldnt get repalced in a normal overland build?

Im waiting on pictures of the underside.... that will be the deciding factor.


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Look in AZ! My daughter and I just returned with hers. One owner 1998 with 270,000 on it. Loaded and has the rear diff lock. Clean as a whistle!

Thats really awesome!

I jsut looked around and the prices are comparable to here but the rust seems nonexistant!

Looking at flights .... haha .. and omg i cant beleive that round trip in december is only $86.. wonder what 1 way would be... lol

This may be a next year thing

I found out last week i have my first child on the way. I wan to bring him/her up in a world of exploration and adventure ... keep away from the ipads and game systems.