I named her Contraption!


Expedition Leader
I put a few miles on Contraption knowing it needed a longer seatpost and a mens seat. Some men actually prefer the “cut” or size of seats designed for women so I gave it a college try. Not for me.... As luck would have it the LBS and seller of Moulton is https://portapedalbike.com/
Great shop with world wide shipping. look it over. It was a major reasons I took a shot when considering buying Contraption. Al swapped seats and fitted a proper seat post for $20. This was a used bike that I did not even buy from him! He was the builder of my bike In 2018 and since then the factory used this Mountain bike Idea and now sells the ATB version.

How do I like it? Over 1/2 century of building full suspension bikes has gone into this design. Moulton invented full suspension bikes. Refined is how I would describe it. The first time I rode the highest end Enduro bike the front end felt planted. This bike feels super planted as well except it would be simple to bale and jump.off The light nimble wheels give it the control and handling of a BMX bike. I’m dying to try pulling a trailer with it.


I looked at the bikes in the range a while back and adored the engineering that goes into them, but the fold of the Brompton is unbeatable.

You won't go wrong with buying that lovely bike, and it'll be interesting to see what you think of it for towing.