I keep watching this Montero video


The cameraman deserves an Oscar.

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Thanks! I had a lot of fun filming and editing this.

First part of this video I was like I could do that, then it got pretty gnarly. Don't think my stock LS would make it in one piece 
Awesome! that was the impression I was hoping to give, the trail certainly got more technical and more steep as we approached the summit, wasnt sure if the steep grades were being shown effectively. The day started out just wanting to get footage of Adventure Driven Design parts on Kevin's green truck but after watching the slow crawl of Kevin's 4:1, hearing Pat's turbo diesel and watching Adam bounce around due to lack of gearing and traction aid... I just couldn't turn the camera off. :)

I plan to do a lot more video and hope to get a tracking drone eventually for some of the trips so we can focus on the trails and the scenery and let the drone passively do the work. Some of those views you just cant get without getting right up on the trucks though.