I finally found a truck. Let the fun begin! aka My 1st Gen Experience and slow build.


It's been awhile, but it's finally time for an update!! Rear diff breath mod and new tires and wheels!!

I mentioned this in another thread but since this is my build thread I'll put it here too.

Last weekend, I finally was able to get the rear differential breather mod done. I used Toyota part # 90404-51319 for the nipple and Toyota part # 90930-03136 for the breather, 3/8" fuel line, hose clamps, teflon tape and zip ties. I ran it up behind the driver's side tail light.

Next up, I needed new tires. The BFG AT that came with the truck were cracking and worn right out. They're old enough to be pre-KO2 vintage!

When I had the old tires pull off, it was discovered that I had a bent rim, so I decided to buy a new set of wheels as well.

I went with 265/70/R17 Cooper ST Maxx tires based on too much research and flip flopping. I made the decision because of the excellent feedback I received from members here and the reviews members here have posted. I chose Ion Alloy 186 wheels to replace the silver painted OEM wheels.

I had to remove the front mud flaps to fit the tires (pic was taken before that), but with them off the fit is perfect. They fill out the wheel well with no rubbing and the slight off set on the rim helps fill out the fend flare. I'm planning a levelling kit too, so that'll really bring the truck together. I'm on the fence about getting rid of the bull bar, but I'm pretty certain I will. It bottomed out a few too many times in the ruts on back roads last year.

Next on the list is Bilstein 5100 ride height adjustable suspension to level the truck out. I also plan to pick up 3 Scepter military fuel cans and a water can. I want to mount them in pairs in the box in between the wheel wells and the tail gate, so I'm either going to have to find commercially made mounting brackets or fab some up myself.


Did you check the breather line at full axle droop? Maybe its just the angle of the picture but it looks like you didn't give it much slack for axle movement.


Good eye. Yes, that's just the angle of the picture. There's lots of room for axle drop there, roughly 12" extra beyond what is really needed. :)