I broke my partner steel stove.


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I set a disposable plastic bowl of Yummy Chicken noodle soup on a burner that was not cooled down enough. Big melted mess. I poped it apart and it cleaned right up but this trip it’s not burning. The burner looks clean ??
Can I field fix it or wait to soak it at home?


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Assuming some of the small holes are clogged and that the burner unscrews, why not take it apart and heat it up with a torch, the other burner, some source of fire to melt the plastic and get it to flow out? MEK (available at Lowe's/HD) will melt a lot of plastics so that's an option. Don't get it on you or inhale it but it volatilizes quickly.


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Stump...any update?

Does the burner come off?

Wonder if PS would sell you a burner.
The whole burner grill assemble lifts right out but does not come apart.

I uses a welding torch tip cleaning tool (small wire) and cleaned out all the burner holes. It burns evenly thru all the holes now but has a yellow flame. The pics make it look more dramatic but its either getting too much or not enough air. I blew it out with the air compressor but no change.

It’s burning right now and I’m going to let it cook for a while to see if it will incinerate the blockage. You just can’t get into the burner so be careful with spills.


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Get some acetone or MEK and soak the burner in it in a glass or stainless steel bowl, you probably still have residue inside that is causing the improper air/fuel ratio.

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