I’m still not happy


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Started a thread a three days ago about Camping World’s slow shipping (getting things out of their warehouse, not the carriers). It is now getting close to a week since I ordered a surge protector. I have still not receive any shipping confirmation. I was told by private message by one of your reps that I would be hearing something shortly. That was three days ago. I have heard nothing but the sound of crickets from Camping World. Marcus, I’m sure you will never see this, but, I’m going past unhappy.


I ordered some water jugs from BuyLCI and two weeks later the order is still pending. Like they say things are slow these days.


Everything I order is slow

Before this HP would ship ink the next day and we would have in 2-3 days of ordering, it is now close to a week and it is affecting business so next week we are ordering an extra set so they are on the shelf.

Even eBay orders are slow

Then the delivery is constantly delayed


You need to realize that companies are now have to do more with less. In the shipping/distribution world there’s less people as they typically have to run a smaller crew to ensure proper spacing, and they typically have to stop early to allow time for extra cleaning now. On top of that, the demand for anything outdoors related stuff has exploded as everyone has more free time lately. Bikes, boats, camping, RV’s, etc are all running out of stuff because of the demand surge and now limited product since a lot of stuff comes from overseas.

So less workforce plus less working hours plus less supply plus highly increased demand equals long delays.


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I ordered bike tires 3 times all three times different sources etc they failed to show up. I ended up finding some locally and did in person pickup. Shipping is super swamped and in some cases massively inefficient like three separate visits from UPS on the same day🤦‍♂️- same truck same driver🤦‍♂️


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This is a Global problem, It's not a vendetta against you, Due to the CV-19 many companies are having to operate with reduced numbers of staff add to that the Couriers and postal companies are being overloaded because everyone is ordering on line and they are having to deal with an 100% spike in the number of packages they are now having to deliver,

4 months ago I ordered some CD's from the US and it took over 9 weeks to get here when previous orders normally took 5 to 6 days,

Give em a break they are doing the best they can, Your package is one in half a billion packages being sent globally on a daily bases.
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brentvolkman ,
rona virus is as good excuse, that being said,
my experience and there's been several, camping world sux imho.
if it were me i'd cancel and try to buy something local if possible
maybe even made in USA.

iirc, most crap they carry like walmart is made in china so ,
most likely waiting on a container ship


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Where things are made is not an indication of the build quality,

Needless to say that a lot of companies sell and import junk.


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Went to buy some Tremclad Gloss Black Paint in RONA last week, none on the shelf. When I asked the girl said "I ordered 185 items, they shipped 50".
Went to buy a few shirts, in 5 stores I found 2 in my size.
Welcome to the new world.

Until people feel confident and safe going to work I doubt anything will improve.