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Wiffleball Batter
The last time I was in Okinawa in 2002, there were lots of 4x4 off roady type small vans. Would love to see more of those here in the US.
When I was in the Middle East in 2004 we had a hodgepodge of civilian (rental) vehicles including a GMC Yukon, a couple of Land Cruiser Prados (Lexus GX-470 in the US) and a funky little van called a "Mitsubishi Space Gear." Yes, that was the name - "Space Gear." It looked like this:


It was a 4wd van that had the chassis of a Pajero. Most of the ones I found on a quick internet search are right-hand drive (from Japan most likely) and had diesel engines. Ours was left hand drive and had (I think) a 2.7 l gasoline engine. It also had a 5 speed manual transmission which meant I drove it a lot since there were a couple of guys in my detachment who couldn't drive a stick shift. I loved it and thought it was the coolest little mini van I'd ever seen.

The picture above was snatched off the internet but I have some photos of it on my computer I'll try to upload later. I can't figure out why these were never brought to the US, I think they're awesome. The little 4 banger wasn't super powerful but with a 5 speed transmission I didn't have any trouble keeping up with Kuwait's 100 KPH (60 mph) speed limit.