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Photographer in the Wild
I was actually the photographer/videographer for this hunt. I have not been to lucky this year myself. General Gun opens on the 1st so hopefully I can score some fresh meat.
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Buck Oct 2013.2.jpg

Nothing compared to what you guys have posted, but I was quite happy with this 7 point, killed last year on opening day. Scared him up at a thicket on my way to my stand.... probably no more than a couple hundred yards from the house. He took off, I dropped my stuff and hit him at 150 yards with him at a full run. Some say luck, I say USMC marksmanship.. LOL. This year, I have already put meat in the freezer with a small 4 point, hit from my tree lounge stand at about 200 yards.

Cascade Wanderer

Congrats! And yes, those hours spent in front of the white barrels, "snapping in" don't go away... Even now, many years later, I think my rifle skills are largely something I came by in the Marines.

Regards, Guy

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Wow, nice caribou!

I just returned from a desert muley hunt. First, a gratuitous photo of my rig and trailer (this is ExPo after all):

My desert buck:



I filled the freezer with this unusual rag horn in the last day of the hunt. Late season bull near Williams, AZ. He's not much to look at but he sure is tasty.