hubsteps - any interest?


I designed a set of hubsteps for my Deuce motorhome project, and I'm going to make a small batch for some of the other guys with deuces. Now I'm wondering whether there would be any interest in hubsteps like these for other applications. Maybe the Mitsubishi trucks, or ______? The Deuce versions are pretty large and they're made out of 1/4" plate, and it looks like we'll be able to sell them for under $200/pair. Hope it's OK to post a thread like this.



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I like them and I dont have anything I could even put them on, however I can say that I have stepped on the hub portion of my Ford trucks on more than one occasion. I hope you find some takers, very nice craftsmanship. Kudos!:wings:


Thanks. Some of the big Dakar trucks I saw pictures of had them, and I just always thought they were a good idea, so I wanted to make a set for my Deuce. Some of the other guys with Deuces like them, and now I'm wondering what other vehicles they might be useful on.

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a little bigger and a little sharper and you're a certified zombie hunter!

very nice design and execution. While I don't own one, I'd think there should be a market for them on the larger trucks, just be sure to have a method to get the word out that you have them available


The zombie-hunter version would just have radial spokes that extend out further and would be pointed. Maybe we'd call those the Ben Hur hubs.



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Looks like they do some very impressive work...nothing better than a laser cut for making a project look right. I used to have CNC Plasma and was so disgusted with the cut that I ended up getting rid of it....almost better to have nothing at all that plasma for any detailed cutting. How much do they charge per inch?