HUB Overland 100 Build


Renaissance Redneck
You had me until post #10. I don’t see the massive love for Tundra wheels. The 100 series wheel is strong, light and looks awesome. I liked the silver cladding better too, but I realize it’s just dip. You’ve definitely built a capable 100 in a hurry! How are you liking the Icon suspension?
Removed plasti dip, bought a set of Tundra wheels and tires real cheap so I can put tires on my trailer. Tundra wheels sit further in than stock, prob switch back soon. Icon suspension is great.
D48F9B60-299C-47BB-8D11-DEB277ABAE8A.jpeg 1936753B-1D84-4FFE-93A0-59CC5BAC8313.jpeg