how to price my sprinter 4x4


I'm cross posting this on a sprinter forum, so I'm sorry if you're seeing it twice. Also, if this is an innapropriate thread, no hard feelings if it gets moved or deleted. I'm in the very early stages of considering selling a van I thought I'd keep for at least a decade, so I'm not ready to throw a classified post together and would appreciate any info from folks who might be more familiar with the used market for these vans:

I bought this van as a long term escape pod when I intended to retire at the beginning of next year... now I plan to work for another four years and a 4x4 Sprinter high roof makes much less sense as a daily driver here in NJ. I'm not completely sold on the idea of moving it on and perhaps I just need to take another road trip to fall in love with it, but right now, in the middle of summer beach traffic and the prospect of having to use it as a commuter... I'm thinking long and hard about how nice a Range Rover Sport or Disco TD6 would fill its shoes.

I'd like some input from you guys as to what I should ask for it.


2017 4x4 Crew, 144, white. Bought as a leftover last summer (2018). Approximately 8k on the clock and will rise slightly each week.

I've added the following so far:

Maxxair roof fan (12v adapter)
RB Components folding sofa bed
OEM roof rails
Aluminess light bar with baja design LED lamps
Aluminess ladder
Ranger seat covers
Blue Ridge Overand modular seat backs with pouches
Luftkraft passenger side swivel (not installed)
AT3's (including the spare)
Terrawagen Snorkel

This winter I intended to insulate and panel the interior and (MAYBE) add a diesel heater. As it is, the build is basic and quite utilitarian so far as I've spent the past several years driving old 4x4 Land Rovers with Roof Top Tents. So I've treated this van as a giant metal tents on wheels and had no plans to add plumbing etc.

As I financed the van through MB USA they included a 100k factory warranty. At this early stage I'm uncertain about the transfer-ability of that. Anyway, here is a picture, because everyone loves pictures and thanks in advance for any input:



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Nice van. If you still like your original plans for it, why not spend the next four years getting it dialed in? Add an old Honda Fit to your fleet as a daily driver and carry on.

If you're serious about selling, I'd leave it as-is and get on with the sale.

The more you modify it, the more money & time you have invested in it that you may not recover. Also, the work may actually limit its appeal to someone with their own ideas about customization.


I hear you...

I’ve gone from a situation where I’d planned to travel full time in the van, starting next year, to one where I’ll only get to camp with it a few weeks a year for the next 4 - 5 years. So if I sell her, I won’t be doing any more modifications. My issue is that it’s hard to gauge the market for these things used as KBB tells me it’s a $15k truck and 90% of used 4x4 sprinters are being sold as full conversions
for silly money. So I don’t know if it’s a $40k or $60k vehicle.

I’ve a couple of weeks off next month. I might drive up to Maine / VT and rekindle the romance before I get serious...


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Given the shortage and wait times for sprinter 4 x 4's , I think that is probably a 50-55K vehicle. Could be more if you get someone with deep pockets and a rush.


Roger. Thank you... that gives me some food for thought. Now I just need to not test drive any Land Rovers over the next few weeks.


I second Shade's comments. I'd get a cheap daily driver and get it done and dialed in so when you do retire, you don't have to screw around with another van.

Scotty D

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How much is a new one?
How much do you have in this one?
What is the current wait time?
I am guessing this is the model with the lowest depreciation rate offered by mercedes, I cant imagine you have lost much on it yet.
That land rover is gonna lose you a fortune when you drive it off the lot.


Thanks for sharing your wisdom guys. I’m being a bit impulsive so I’ll sit and think. Part of what got me here is that the van isn't the most dynamically rewarding of daily drivers and I’ll be faced with a short commute soon. I’ve got a KTM duke to scratch that itch but winter will be another story. Perhaps addressing some of the Sprinter’s suspension shortcomings would help (hello Van Compass!).

Again, thanks for the input.


Land Rover depreciation over 3-4 years would almost equal the cost of building a NICE Sprinter. If you can't claim that ridiculous deprecation on your taxes, keep the Sprinter (that's already depreciated). My advice to all northerners seeking a cheap daily driver is buy a one-way ticket to Jackson, MS and spend a few days driving a rental while you shop Craigslist and Facebook for an old Civic or Corolla. They're not rusty down there. The supply is greater, the demand is smaller, so the cars are cheaper and thanks to the heat and humidity, AC is guaranteed to work or the seller will take a BEATING over it.


sound advice thanks... I’m leaning towards keeping it and getting something smaller to commute in when the motorcycle is winterized. Naturally I’m all over the place, from built LR3s and ROW 90’s to a 996 C4... yeah I know