How To: Adding a Cabin Filter to Gen III Montero


For some as yet unknown reason Mitsubishi Motors decided not to equip US bound Gen III Monteros with a cabin filter, even though the Heater/Fan Box is designed to accept one. Instead they just left the blanking plate in sealing it off. I like to keep the dust out when I'm offroading so I typically wheel with the windows up unless I am leading the pack. I did some poking around on looking for a Pajero Part that visually matched and hit upon a probable winner.

I chose an activated carbon filter. Part Number: 24590 Febi Bilstein that I actually purchased from Ebay:
Total Cost(w/shipping): ~50 USD


Drop the lower glove box all the way down by pinching in the two side stoppers. This will reveal the HVAC box.


Carefully cut out the blanking plate. I used a sharp utility knife, the kind that have replacement blades stored inside their handle. But any sharp blade will do. Let your blade cut inside the recessed rectangular groove.


Find a couple of suitable wood/plastic screws. I found a couple from my junk bin. Just need two.


Take your new filter out of the bag, slide it in and screw it tight.


Enjoy your handywork with a nice cold adult beverage, after putting the glove box back up.

I'm cheap, so when it comes time to change this filter out I'm going to be looking for a local filter of the same dimension minus the attached plastic cap/cover. I figure I should be able to cobble together a way to hold the filter using the plastic cap/cover from this first filter. I'll update this thread if/when I figure that out. Or perhaps others can if they already have a solution.
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Nice man thanks for sharing the DIY. Do you notice any reduction in the air that comes through the vents? Hm wonder if the gen2 has this behind the glovebox. :squint:


Nice man thanks for sharing the DIY. Do you notice any reduction in the air that comes through the vents? Hm wonder if the gen2 has this behind the glovebox. :squint:
I'm sure there must be, but I don't notice it. I still get plenty of air blown around.


Interesting, we were talking about air filters and such the other day, now I do wonder if I got any for my cabin and need to check. With the dust smell in my car, I am sure mine doesn't have one :)


You are right. I thought the tabs seemed close to the correct positions.

The best option I found is eBay searches for the filters. These seem to be an option that was not installed in most factory models.
That one looks about right. I went ahead and updated my original post with a link to the same ebay store/item where I purchased, in case it is helpful to others.


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I found these big brackets installed when I went to put in an air filter. Can't imagine what they're for and no one else seems to have them. They weigh about a pound each and seem to serve no purpose so I'm just removing them. I wouldn't normally remove something just because I don't know why it's there but this time I am.
If you want them in your car PM me and I'll sell them to you!


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