How much recovery gear do you keep in your daily driver?


Was just emptying out the Disco from a trip/trail run and as I was hoisting my packed recovery gear bag back into the garage, I wondered "Should I be keeping some of this in the truck all the time?"

I'm talking about winch-specific gear for the most part. I have multiples of most stuff so it adds up. But do you guys keep any of that stuff in your trucks all the time? Just a few pieces of kit like a tree strap and a bow shackle?

Or do you keep the whole shootin' match it in the back 24/7/365: Shackles, snatch blocks, straps, kinetic rope, chain, etc...?

Just wondering.



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:sombrero: I keep all my recovery gear, in my jeep 24/7--except the the mobile winchs-

Mine is notta DD-

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Almost none of my 'wheeling recovery gear is in the truck.

I have a generic cheap tow strap in the truck for urban ditch/snowbank recovery of others at all times, plus a transit cluster for those clowns with no recovery points. A $20 strap that I don't really care about, because the stranger I'm towing is likely to run over it.

I do have a winch, but haven't used it around town.

I feel that a fire extinguisher and first aid kit are more important.

Add my small snow shovel and that's it.


In my truck I have the following

Booster cables
Recovery strap
Shackle receiver for hitch, 2 extra shackles
Air compressor
First aid kit.


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I keep anything I would need on the trail in the truck all the time. Has been useful a few times. Help folks (or myself) who might get stuck in a snow covered or super muddy soft shoulder, pull someone with a stall out of an intersection, you never know. I figure if you carrying that much stuff that you feel it's an issue leaving it all the time, you're carrying too much. I carry a couple of 3/4" and 7/8" bow shackles, a snatch strap, a choker chain, tree saver, snatch block. Not a ton of stuff along with the winch in the bumper.
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I keep basic tools, first aid kit, jumper cables, tow strap, tire plug kit, serpentine belt, small shovel and an air compressor in my 4R all the time. I carry a high lift, extra tools and large shovel on serious trips.

This reminds me to refresh/check my emergency survival supplies like water, food and space blanket. Some basic food rations and extra clothes could make a big difference in survival if stranded.


Great stuff guys, thanks!

Interesting to see the varied replies, although there is definately a basic theme of having at least some stuff on board all the time.

FWIW, I keep a well stocked get-home bag in the truck, along with a good first aid bag and 5lb fire bottle. Just never occurred to me to keep any winch related gear on board. I do think I'll keep a basic setup on board now.

Again, great replies. Thanks!



For every day, I generally will have a tow strap and shackles plus jumper cables and flares with me. I have a few tools with me, but not enough to do any real work on anything, only some pliers and screwdrivers.

My off-road/exploration box has much more in it than I will ever need when I am just going around town and can call a tow-truck if necessary.


I keep my chains, straps and tools in the truck box all the time. You never know we you need them.

I also keep co2 (for air tools) and a bag of various bolts and nuts. Really good for recovery needs when stuff falls off.

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Transit cluster? Great, now I have to Google something. Never heard of it.

This is handy for those frame holes and tie down points that a 3/4" shackle won't fit into, and most tow strap hooks won't fit either. For professional use only by transport companies*

The t and r shaped hooks resist dislodging and falling out. My tow truck buddy showed me these and they are awesome.

My 4wheeling kit has a Masterpull snatch strap. That rope isn't coming out for a ditch recovery of somebody I don't know. Too expensive for them to run over and abuse.

I'm not going to need a chain in the city. If I'm pushing a fallen tree I'll do that with my bumper or sling the cheap tow strap and pull it either with the winch org rear recovery points. Not carrying a snatch block or hi-lift around either.

For simple urban stuff I keep as little as possible on board.

I do have onboard air, and there is a tire plug kit in with my factory tool set, but that's not really gonna come out either.

No tools other than what's in the factory set which includes tire lug wrench, jack, pliers, 8-10mm and 12-14mm wrenches. There's a sparkplug socket in there too for some strange reason. Not gonna need it.

Jumper cables can be handy, but I don't carry them. Prolly should, but don't.


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Since my daily driver and my overlander are the same vehicle I keep most of the gear in it at all times. Just the stuff that gets swapped between the truck and the Jeep that isn't in there 24/7.



Plus 5 gal fuel, 3 gal water, filters, basic tools... etc.

It's all in my dogs throne LOL

Here you can also see the inside, locked mounted hi lift and fire ext.