How much do you really get out


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There's not a lot for us close by (we live in NC but like the open spaces out west) so 1-2 trips a year but at least a couple of weeks each.


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55-60 days a year.
Having a trailer makes it easy. Sometimes we don't decide to go until Friday morning ---- so we stay mostly packed and zip out after work.

And most of that time is fairly local. Only one big roadtrip a year.
I still consider the Smokies a big deal... :ylsmoke:


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And, ruined by tourism. For those of us who grew up here, they're not that big of a deal. ;)
They are still a big deal, problem is too popular and hard to really get some isolation. I like to be able to see all the sworls of the Milky Way where camp.

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You guys need to come up here to the Big South Fork. Not as big as the Smokies or with as tall peaks, but they aren't as well known, either, and there's no BS about only being able to camp at approved sites.


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Couldn't stress that point enough. Getting out locally for a night or two is way better than doing nothing. Plus, it let's you realize how much gear you don't need!


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I can't agree more less is more get out and explore. We keep all our stuff in to action packers. We just grab and go with any rig that has gas.


I defiantly don't get to use mine enough. I try to get multiple smaller trips but it really ends up being one or two larger trips a year.

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I do lots of day trips on local trails but seldom can shake loose for an overnight. I dream of a big trip of a month or two to drive from Colorado to northern Alaska, east to Nova Scotia, back along the US-Canada border to Vancouver, south to NorCal and back.


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